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Cupping Therapy

Moore Massage Therapy Stittsville

Cupping Therapy is an adaption of ancient and Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques.  Glass, plastic or silicone cups are used to create suction and negative pressure on the surface of the skin.  This causes the skin and superficial muscle layers to be lightly drawn into the cup.  Cupping can be considered as the inverse of massage.  Rather than applying pressure to muscles, it uses gentle pressure to pull them upward.

Cupping is one of the best deep tissue therapies available. It can affect tissues up to four inches deep from the skin's surface.

The suction and negative pressure created by cupping is used to loosen muscles, connective tissue, adhesions and stubborn knots in soft tissue.  It can also stimulate blood and lymph flow, drain excess fluids and toxins, and sedate the nervous system.  Increased local blood flow to the muscles and skin will bring nourishment and allow for toxins to be carried away via the lymph.

There are two main cupping techniques: stationary and moving.

Stationary cups are placed on the skin and left for a period of 5 to 15 minutes in one location.

Moving ( or "massage cupping") is the more commonly used form of cupping.  Massage oil is applied to the skin prior to cupping to facilitate smooth gliding of the cup.  A cup may be "parked" for a short time on stubborn knots or over inflamed joints or tissue.

Conditions of chronic and acute pain can be relieved with minimal discomfort and tense muscles can be softened quickly and easily.

Cupping therapy can be used to relieve back and neck pain, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, headaches and migraines, rheumatism and even cellulite.  It can promote mental and physical relaxation and improves one's sense of well-being.

Cupping therapy is safe for children, adults and elderly persons.

Cupping therapy is provided by Inna Roumiansteva at Moore Massage Therapy in Stittsville. Cupping can be booked as a 15 or 30 minute treatment session.

If you have any questions regarding cupping at Moore Massage Therapy in Stittsville, please call 613 831 8374 or email rmts@mooremassage.ca