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K- Taping


Moore Massage Therapy Stittsville

Why do the professional athletes use Kinesiotaping?  Why are chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists using kinesio tape?

Because it not only promotes healing of soft tissue (muscle, ligament, tendon and fascia) or provide joint stabilization or encourage biomechanical correction of movement, it does this while allowing range of motion allowing you to get back in the game, stay active or get back to work sooner.

K-taping is a very gentle approach to therapeutic taping that is complimentary to chiropractic, massage therapy, and physiotherapy. Taping provides a way for the treatment to continue even after you have left the clinic.

K- taping is for the professional athlete, active people and the non- athletic.  K-taping is for the injured or those in pain.  K-taping can be used to improve muscle function, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduce pain and to support joint function..

The k- tape is 100% cotton with a slight stretch and an acrylic backing.  This allows the tape to support without impeding the function of the muscle or the joint being treated.  It is safe for people with latex allergies as it is latex free but does contain silica.  In order for the tape to stick, this skin needs to be clean and oil/lotion free.  If your tape is to be applied after a massage, we will remove the oil for the area that the tape will be applied. The tape can be worn in the shower or bath and for sports including swimming.  It usually remains effective for up to 3-4 days but can be removed at anytime if it starts to be uncomfortable.

K-taping is very helpful for many conditions including muscle strains/tears, joint sprains/instability, bursitis, tendonitis, contusions, fascial restrictions and scars.

If you any questions regarding kinesiotaping, please contact Carol Moore RMT, at Moore Massage Therapy in Stittsville, at 613 831 8374 or email carol@mooremassage.ca

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