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Orthotic Therapy
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Moore Massage Therapy Stittsville

8000 - 10 000 steps/day = 115 000 miles/life
running causes pressure = 3 to 4 times body weight

Take the test. Standing barefoot, looking straight ahead, have someone check to see if they can stick 3 fingers as for as the fingers first crease, under your arch.

The foot can be complicated but the test is a start for you to figure out the basics. There are two general types of misaligned feet. Pes planus (flat flexible feet) or pronator,  and pes cavas (rigid high feet) or supinator.

Remember to check your family too.  If there was no space between the floor and the bottom of your foot, you are most likely have over-pronation of your foot.  If there was "a lot of room" between the floor and your arch, you may be a supinator.

Thus, if you  suffer from joint pain, low back pain, sore feet ...or any of the symptoms on the symptoms chart ?  An custom orthotic may help you out.

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If you have any questions regarding orthotics at Moore Chiropractic and Massage Centre in Stittsville, please contact us at 613 831 8374.

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Carol Moore R.M.T. A.R.T., P.F.T. Orthotics
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Additional appointment times are variable depending on her personal schedule.

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5912 Hazeldean Road
Stittsville, ON K2S 1B9
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